ACAB is a supplier that primarily manufactures medium-gauge and heavy complex, mechanical constructions. The emphasis at ACAB is on advanced welding, both manually and using robotics, plus advanced finishing in modern multi-operation machines.

Our employees have a high level of expertise, especially in the areas of finishing and welding. We currently supply complete manufacturing of articles from cutting to finished surface-treated and assembled.

Our goal is to always work with the latest technology, and we always train our employees in how to use it and thus satisfy the customer in terms of both quality and price. Automation along with our store of semi-fabricated gives short lead times and greater flexibility.

In order to ensure quality as well as offer rationalized working methods and short lead times, we always strive for a collaborative relationship with the customer. As collaborators we will optimize the customer’s constructions and thereby offer good price levels as well as lead times.

In a collaboration with ACAB the customer will always feel confident about deliveries and quality. We do require, however, that the customer give us the opportunity to participate technically in constructions, in order to always rationalize the process and be able to provide better price, lead time and quality.

ACAB’s organization is always flexible where major projects are concerned, and we always view the ability to quickly redirect production to satisfy the customer as a challenge.