What is unique with BTT Plåt AB is that we can offer a complete solution – from prototype to assembled product.
We can offer our knowledge about the production process to make it customized for you and the result will be maximum cost-effectiveness.

We also offer state-of-the-art powder coating of your products with a good pre-treatment, which provides consistent and protective results.
If the assembly of the product is required, we can also assist with it – all to facilitate and streamline the process for you as a customer.

Our state-of-the-art machinery is something we invest in continuously, which means that we can offer you a world-class production as a customer.
The services we provide at BTT Plåt AB can offer are:

Bystronic 4200W with fully automatic charging and dischargingdevice + dual warehouseTray sizes up to 3000 * 1500 mm / tj1-15mm can be handled in these two cells
If your product needs to be assembled to become a finished product, we can offer that service.

CMM‘s measuring out products with maximum dimensions X1200 Y1800Z800.

Measurement station with its own temperate room.


multiop – 1 Brother (300*500 mm)
Manual welding: 10 stations Me / Tig welding with travers and reading stand. Welding robot stations: Three welding robot stations with 6-axle ABB robots. Two-sided welding switch.
A new Motoman with two-station manipulator and weld search. Spot welding: 2 HG matic stations take 650 mm width.


4 CNC controlled Amada edge presses 80-170 tonnes.
We can roll in our workshop.
Blasting – Blast cleaning blisters: By brand Carlo Banfi. Semi-automatic. With 6 slings and recycling units.

Powder coating – Wagner fully automated electrostatic powder box.

Five-step laundry with passivation & rinse. Good size 900 * 1400mm. New plc-controlled laundry with plc-controlled stove.