At ACAB we always put quality first and our goal is to always fulfill the customer’s wishes for product quality and delivery times. We work continuously with preventive processes to prevent possible sources of defects as early as possible.


First-piece inspection and ongoing controls are a standard feature that  everyone at ACAB is trained in. All employees at ACAB are trained to intercept defective articles in production, to prevent articles from going further. At the same time quality functions and measurement techniques are brought in for investigation.
We work extensively in process control and consider clear instructions for the respective operations to be very important. Product revisions are made on an ongoing basis and are the basis for continual improvements.

We have solid control procedures in place concerning welding. Welding inspection is done by an IWS-certified welding foreman. The focus of the welding is documented via WPS. Critical articles are checked by our own certified OFP personnel. We currently have:

•    One person with VT certificate level 2 (Visual inspection)
•    Two persons with MT certificate level 2 (Magnetic powder testing)
•    One person with UT certificate level 2 (Ultrasound testing)

We are currently certified according to SS-EN ISO 9001:2008.
The company will be welding certified by the start of 2011 in accordance with SS EN-ISO 3834.