At ACAB we work actively with the environment to make it as good as possible for employees and our surroundings. We work continuously to make our factory and offices more environmentally sound. We source-sort and declare everything we use in our manufacturing process. Recently a ventilation system was installed that makes use of the heat from welding by circulating the air through a number of filters, an example of pure re-use. We always require our subcontractors to adhere to the same environmental goals we have at ACAB.

All functions from factory to upper management are part of our active environmental process. We work in complete accordance with the guidelines in SS-EN ISO 14001:2004 and envision certifying the company by the end of 2012.
To live up to the environmental standard that ACAB wants to achieve, we will:

  • Establish, follow up and report appropriate environmental goals for the operation.
  • Choose suppliers that share our environmental view and requirements.
  • Communicate and develop our environmental philosophy both internally and externally.